Deletion of the public, automatic services for itsRems Hosting

This is a public update regarding the hosting service, its pricing changes and my new infrastructure at home.

Announcement note:

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I launched this little side project of mine with the help of the great PikachuNinjaCop.
We had fun and gained experience building this, and I had one hell of a bad time making all the website as automated as possible. You’ve been a few (great) clients and I thank you very, very much for the trust.
However, I’m moving on from this. Somewhat.
While the challenge that consisted building this website and making this a service was awesome, there is just too much work to do and I have very little time/motivation to give to this project (as I have started working on Hidys).
I will therefore be turning off the automated ordering system, replacing it with a “contact to order” button (that will not be automated on it’s own before some time).
Everyone’s server will move to my local machine and keep the usual pricing. This is a way for me to experience with my HomeLab and make some money while offering cheap services. This does compromise some stuff, more on that below. The pricing will change, more on that below once again.
I hope everyone will keep trusting me with the hosting of their services.

My HomeLab and what it means to have your server on it.

I recently bought a HP ProLiant DL380 g6 equipped with 2 Intel Core Xeon X5550 CPUs (for a total of 8 cores and 16 threads), 18x 4GB of DDR3 RAM (for a total of 72GB of RAM) and around 550GBs of non-redudant (for now) storage. I also equipped this with a 10Gb/s networking uplink (that, in the future, will be redundant). The server also doesn’t have redundant power supplies (that might come later).
Now this is for the server itself, but here’s more on my HomeLab:

Global Notice

This Home DC is, really, not a DC. It’s just a homelab.
Here’s a list of the cons:

Here’s a list of the “pros” (this is more me trying to convince you this is a good idea)


The network here is quite nice!

Additional gear / Expansion possibilities

I’ve got a dual core, 24GB RAM & 250Gb HDD server waiting to be deployed again. This means that if I ever have to add some more servers cuz’ I ran out of RAM on the main server, I can deploy this one as a secondary node.


If you have your service inside my homelab, you do have the problem of not having any redundancy but you’re getting fair prices, nice support, a nicely performing server and you’re helping me learn things by running this all.

Pricing changes


Contacting me.

Get in touch with me via: