itsRems Hosting Note - May 2020

Upgrades, new options and the future.

Welcome back to a new hosting note ! Today I’ll talk about the software changes, hardware upgrades, the new options and the future of itsRems Hosting (and my homelab). This note is a bit different as I’ve tried my best to split everything into “chapters”. Happy reading !

Reminder: here is the first hosting note.

The software

Aaaah yes. The software; the core of the hosting; what you use the most.
We used to run the very popular panel that is “Multicraft”. Multicraft was good but it was also… very old. With a tech stack dating from years back, an undocumented, “php-only” API, a poor design and the lack of integrations, it soon became obvious that I couldn’t keep on running Multicraft (which was also a paid service). When I moved to the homelab-based hosting, I discovered Pterodactyl. What was so amazing about Pterodactyl ? Many things.
Pterodactyl is free and, even better, open-source (which means the source code is available to everyone and you can make requests to add your own code to the project). It also uses docker for maximum efficency and total isolation. This means that as long as the node is up, any server that crashes, error that happens or even security breach will only happen to that server only, not to the others. Another cool thing about pterodactyl is that, since it’s code you run, you can make (or buy) themes, addons and much more. This is how the panel looks so good ! Pterodactyl is overal better, faster and smexy looking.

The hardware

We switched CPUs ! The main homelab server now runs two Intel Core Xeon X5650 insted of the older Intel Core Xeon X5550 we had. The single core performance is much the same but we went from 8c/16t to 12 cores/24 threads, meaning I’m able to run more servers without sacrificing performance on the others.
I also “racked” everything ! An old baby table now serves as a home to the entire homelab :)
I’ve got a 4TB NAS up on the network ! All server nodes are saved 3 times a week in case anything happens ^^

New options/packages

If you’re not here for the technical bits, this will be much more interesting to you !
Here are the new features !


This feature allows you to…
-> Share your offer’s RAM & Disk space with another server so that you can have two servers running under one offer
-> **Get a reverse-proxy entry for any (sub)domain you own + 1 open port ** (useful for stuff like dynmap / admin panels * )
-> Get faster support whenever it is possible and early access to any upcoming feature
-> Ask for a backup of your server(s) to be made in the .zip format and sent to a fast server
*: This is only for plugins that will serve static content or small panels - no website can be hosted there !

This option costs 4€/month on top of your offer’s price and is compatible with the 1, 3 & 6 months upfront invoicing system (Pro tip, if you don’t need anything other than a secondary server, just buy two Lite/Ease servers ^^)

The Village Pack

The village pack is a fully managed service for big servers. The cost is 40€/month and the minimum engagement is of 3 months. This server includes:
Cloud hosting: your server is hosted outside of the homelab on a VPS with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime.
A domain: I’ll buy and manage the domain of your choice and configure it to work with your server.
Managed service: I’ll configure, monitor and back up the server myself. 7/7 support with ASAP reaction.
Specs: 60gb of RAM, 10 cpu cores, 1.6tb of pure SSD storage, unlimited number of servers/players.
All infos: Pricing page

Dedicated (prototype/sketch)

I’d like to offer a dedicated physical server service ! It’d be hosted in my homelab. I’ve got some hardware laying around, all I’d need is about 300€ of new hardware (maximum) to have the first node up and running. We’ll see how that goes ;)

Another imporatant change to note is that the subdomain option is now included for all offers.

The future

I won’t be as long with this but here’s a list of the things I want to buy/make in the future and when that could happen.

As always, thanks for reading ! See you soon with exciting news ;)